Keynote address

The Raw and the Cooked: The Mythologies of Big Data
Kate Crawford, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research New England

Additional sessions

Attacking the Structure of Everything
Panel discussion
Moderator: Quentin Hardy, The New York Times
Tyler Bell, Factual
Anthony Goldbloom, Kaggle
Douglas Merrill, ZestFinance

Views from the Edges of Data
Elizabeth Churchill, eBay Research Labs
Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University

Presentation slides (PDF)

Digital Afterlife: What Happens to Your Data When You Die?
Panel discussion
Moderator: Jess Hemerly, Senior Analyst, Public Policy & Government Relations, Google
Jed Brubaker, Ph.D. Candidate, UC Irvine
Stephen Wu, Technology and intellectual property attorney, Cooke Kobrick & Wu LLP

Presentation slides (PDF)
White paper: “Digital Afterlife: What Happens to Your Data When You Die?” (PDF), by Stephen S. Wu

Facebook’s Data Science Timeline
Itamar Rosenn, Facebook
Michael Chui, McKinsey Global Institute

Visualization and Interactive Data Analysis
Jeffrey Heer, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Educating the Next Generation of Data Scientists
Rachel Schutt, Senior Research Scientist, Johnson Research Labs

Sketchy Data
Panel discussion
Moderator: Andreas Weigend, Director, Social Data Lab
David Flaschen
George John, Founder and CEO, Rocket Fuel
Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, Media6Degrees


Introduction to Data Science with Hadoop
Glynn Durham, Senior Instructor, Cloudera

Presentation slides (PDF)
(Video unavailable)

Understanding the Natural World Through Spatial Data
Kevin Koy, Executive Director, Geospatial Innovation Facility, UC Berkeley

Presentation slides (PDF)
(Video unavailable)

Data Just Right: A Practical Introduction to Data Science Skills
Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer, Google

Taming Big Data with Berkeley Data Analytics Stack
Ion Stoica, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley