Your Car's Data is Showing: Privacy in the Age of Connected Cars

Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 3:45 pm

Cars are the most expensive computers we own, but they have never been connected. The scale and implications of car data will be massive given how deeply embedded they are into our daily lives. Car connectivity can transform public safety, urban planning, and a better car ownership experience. Opening your car up to these benefits, however, comes with a lot of important questions about safety, privacy, and security. What is the data available from cars, how can we secure it, and what are the implications of surfacing this data today?

Your Car's Data is Showing: Privacy in the Age of Connected Cars - DataEDGE 2015

Vice President of Engineering

Rob is Vice President Engineering at Automatic where we are building the future of the connected car.  Prior to Automatic he founded the Data Science team at Rdio, which in addition to playing some amazing tunes, won Bestmodo for Best Streaming Radio.  He's worked on embedded hardware and client software at Flip Video (Cisco) and in the professional editors group at Avid Technologies (Media Composer and Pro Tools). Rob has a master's degree in Music Technology from McGill University and completed a National Science Foundation grant at Johns Hopkins in computer vision/relatively big data.  He most recently spoke at the Spark Summit.