Elena Grewal

Data Science Manager

Elena Grewal is a Data Science Manager at Airbnb. She joined Airbnb three years ago, when the company had 200 employees, and has seen how data science has been used to help drive the growth of the company to now over 1500 employees with over a million hosts and guests staying with each other around the world. Her team of data scientists partners with the product team, using experimentation and exploratory analysis to guide and inspire product changes, and also building innovative data products to empower hosts and guests. Examples include optimizing search ranking, improving the booking experience, and creating tools for hosts like dashboards and pricing suggestions. Most recently she spearheaded a series of improvements to Airbnb’s review system that enabled greater trust in the platform through more honest reviews. Elena has a BA from Yale University. She received her MA in Economics and PhD in Education from Stanford University.

Panel Discussion:
Friday, May 8, 2015 - 2:25 pm