Building a Data Science Team

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 10:35 am to 11:05 am

Having built several data science teams in his career, Jeremy Stanley will share his tips and tricks to build and integrate a remarkable data science team. He will explain why data science is so important for many companies & startups, how to hire and build a data science team, where to put data science in the organization, and how to build a culture where data science thrives

Building a Data Science Team (Jeremy Stanley)

VP of Data Science
Jeremy Stanley is the VP of Data Science at Instacart, where he leads a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers to drive growth and profitability by optimizing logistics and using data to create personalized grocery shopping experiences. Before Instacart, Jeremy was Chief Data Scientist and EVP of engineering at Sailthru, building prediction and recommendation tools for hundreds of e-commerce and publisher platforms. Previously, he was the CTO of Collective, and founded and led the Global Markets Analytics Group at Ernst & Young (EY). He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.