How Data is Transforming Logistics

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Logistics is a massive and global industry, shifting trillions of dollars of goods across the earth annually. Yet it's an industry steeped in tradition, and late to the data "table." In this conversation, we'll explore the ways in which data is transforming the logistic industry, including:

  • streamlining formerly inefficient markets
  • bringing transparency to price discovery
  • un-siloing data and applying machine learning to structuring data
  • leveraging the cloud to enable a single source of truth
  • changing transportation and logistics providers into information providers
  • starting to bridge the product supply chain with the information supply chain

We'll examine not only the technologies themselves but also the strategies that winning companies can leverage to participate in this rapid change.

How Data is Transforming Logistics (Coco Krumme & Peter Weis)

Head of Data Science
Haven Inc.

Coco Krumme is a member of the professional faculty in UC Berkeley's Master of Information and Data Science program as well as Head of Data Science at Haven Inc., a technology platform for trade and logistics. Prior to Haven Coco led quantitative teams at companies in the agriculture and financial industries. She has a Ph.D. from MIT and a B.S. from Yale.

VP and CIO

Peter Weis is VP and CIO of Matson, a $2.2 billion global transportation and logistics company. Peter leads a global IT organization that is responsible for strategy, software development, infrastructure, high-availability operations and all levels of IT governance. Peter advises technology start-ups on product, commercial and organizational strategies, including a role as committee chairperson. He also led Matson Logistics’ supply chain business unit, which during the past three years has grown by over 50% annually. Prior to Matson, Peter was vice president of products at GT Nexus, a global supply chain software company, and CIO of APL Logistics. He holds an M.B.A. with honors from the Wharton School and a bachelor’s degree from the Haas School of Business. Peter is a 2014 inductee into the CIO Hall of Fame.