Using Data to Hunt Threats

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 3:05 pm to 3:35 pm

The traditional methods for performing security intelligence involves a lot of human effort: reverse engineering application code, scouring message boards and gathering intelligence on threat actors and their practices.  Lookout's VP of Security Intelligence will provide a look in to a modern security intelligence organization that focuses on using data and machine learning to generate the majority of its intelligence, flipping the emphasis from machines enabling human intelligence efforts to humans spending their time training the machines to perform the task.

Using Data to Hunt Threats (Michael Murray)

Vice President, Security Research
Lookout Mobile Security

Michael Murray is the Director of Product Security at GE Healthcare, responsible for providing architecture and security assessment services to support GE Healthcare’s engineering teams in building secure products. A career information security professional, Murray has taken leadership roles in organizations ranging from small consulting firms to Fortune 100 companies. Before joining GE, Michael was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MAD Security / The Hacker Academy.