Tina Owenmark

tina owenmark
Senior Data Scientist
Cisco Systems

Tina Owenmark is a senior-level data scientist with Cisco’s Enterprise Data Science Office, which provides technical leadership for high-impact data science projects as well as various services to support the company’s data science community. She has been at Cisco over 15 years, successfully transitioning to data science from program management about 4 years ago. She was the first woman to receive the Data Scientist title at Cisco, when the company developed its data science career path, and was Cisco’s first employee certified as a Cisco Senior Practitioner of Data Science.

As a data scientist, some of her favorite projects have included supply chain logistics volume predictions, technical support resource allocation optimization, pricing simulation, and expense report fraud prevention. Tina delights in delivering practical solutions that focus on improving business decisions. As she continues her journey, she sets aside time each week for mentoring and building skills. She believes that the strength of her team can be traced in part to a diversity in experience. To that end, she gladly invests in mentoring people who are embarking on data science careers coming from other parts of the business.